Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What events do you provide service for?

    Limo Bus Fort Worth provides limo bus services for absolutely ANY event! Weddings, birthdays, tailgating, concerts - you name it! We do it all! There's absolutely no limit on the event you can plan with a limo bus!

  • Can I drink in the bus?

    Yes, provided you are of legal drinking age! Our buses feature full service bar areas with glassware, coolers, and custom counter tops. Pour a drink and enjoy the evening!

  • Do you provide alcohol?

    No, we are not legally permitted to provide alcohol. If you plan to drink on the bus you must bring your own beverages and of course you must be of legal age.

  • Where can I go during my rental?

    Anywhere you want! While we are a Fort Wayne based company, our services are available all over Indiana! Any event, any time, and any where! Please take a look at our service area page to learn more.

  • What are your hours of operation?

    We're always open! 24/7/365 including holidays! No matter when you need service we're here. 4pm, 4am, Monday, Saturday, Christmas...luxury service is always just a call away!

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